A Gifting Story

The My Heart Is In Touch….. A Gifting Story…

Oh spring time! Warming air. Longer days. Time to get active, exploring, and moving again. For some it’s even means time for graduation and moving again.

Graduating college is such an exciting time. A new chapter of your life begins. Opportunities blossom. Finally get to apply all that hard work to the real world. With this new chapter, though, people start moving to different areas of the country. This is an issue we faced when we all graduated from college. Our friends were no longer just across campus or even down the hall. They are in different cities, states, and even coasts. The good news is that today, more than ever, everyone seems to be constantly in touch with each other. Liking posts. Double tapping photos. Tagging in the comments. Keeping up with them and showing how much you still think of them is so accessible. The problem is likes and loves only go so far though . It can only be so personal.

The beauty of a My Heart Is In gift box is that it’s physical. It goes to another level that social media just can’t. My Heart Is In provides that great opportunity to send gifts that are fun and creative, while staying within a budget. Because, let’s be real, even though we are no longer broke college kids, we still have to keep a tight eye on our money for awhile. With these budgets, no one wants to send just any gift. They want one that shows how much someone means to you. That requires a gift that’s both thoughtful and shows an attention to detail. The My Heart Is In gift box encompasses all of these in one.

Our state gift boxes have the thoughtful touch of a personalized letterpress message. The beautiful details of a signature “My Heart Is In” branded box with hand done baker’s knot and hang tag. The charm of special state stamp in the corner to show them how much whichever state means to them. Those memories that can only be brought back when you think of and feel the special times you had there. Could be something as simple as that weekend trip to Nashville ( Tennessee Gift Box — Tennessee) or maybe you spent the last couple years together in college (Ohio State lovers will appreciate our Ohio Gift Box — Ohio )Wherever it is, one of our gift boxes will surely bring a smile to their face and some great memories to their mind. It’s time to get past those simple, quick actions and share a gift with some meaning.

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*The My Heart Is In Team*